Space Monkeys

This was what our group was called. We we're a group of artists that wanted to join the Framestore Launch Pad. It was a specifically designed intern programm for anyone who has recently graduated and had less then 3 years work experience.


We really wanted to create a story, however, I have experienced that I myself was the only modeler who wanted to do the modeling part on such a big project.

Nonetheless we began our meetings every week with updates and progress of our team and our project. Since it is mostly visual I will put the visuals of those meetings on this page.

Meeting week 1

We started off with our interest and the story we wanted to tell.

Also we looked for ways to jumpstart our progress by looking to existing designs and workflows.

SpM Photo References SpM Sketches SpM Moodboard SpM Storyboard Glimpse 01

Meeting week 2

As we began our second week, we went deeper into the workflow and setups.

The open source projects and making of's have definitely helped us to better understand what is expected.

Previs Workflow Sun Maps Sun Reference Sun Blender Open Source Sun Elements Overview Space HDRI's Spaceship Exterior Refs Spaceship Exterior Lookdev Spaceship Exterior Annotations Spaceship Interior Refs Spaceship Interior Lookdev Escape Pod Design Refs 01 Escape Pod Design Refs 02 Spacesuit Reference FX Space/Debris 01 Inspiration Week 3 Glimpse 02

Meeting week 3

The base was set and now I wanted to focus on the production of building the space satelite and shapeship

This was also the moment we had a glimpse of the character creation by one of our teammembers.

Spaceship Floor Configuration Interior Refs Annotations Escape Pod Design Thinking Satelite Annotations Materials Lookdev Character Spacesuit Rigging Progress 3ds Max FX Space/Debris 02 Glimpse 03

Meeting week 4

This was our last meeting before we heard we we're not chosen to join the programm unfortunately.

We all were so ahead in progress, however I still was the only modeler and organizer, and that made it a bit difficult to part our ways.

Nonetheless, great progress in the meeting.

Spaceship Floor Configuration 02 Interior Progress Satelite Annotations Satelite Progress Satelite Unwrapped Satelite Materials Lookdev Satelite Checkerboard Asset List Introduction Modeling Experiment Satelite Character Progress Rigging Progress Maya Simulation FX Space/Debris Inspiration week 4 01 Inspiration week 4 02

Great Experience!

All being said and done, even though the project never came to an end. The experience gained is a win and also the connections with the teammembers is a win.

Last year I had the Houdini Artist work together with a student of mine to create some FX on the student's modeled and animated delorean.

Inspiration week 4 02

To Be Continued...