Polar Bear

I got reached out if I wanted to be part of an animation for charity.

What I needed to do was to create the assets for the scenes. These were the references:

Ref Sea Glacier Ref Sea Coral

Sculpting the Glacier

This was a really good exercise to train my eyes own aesthetic

Glacier Sculpt 01

It went pretty neatly.

Glacier Sculpt 02

Lookdev the Ice

Since the sculpting was already surprisingly good I went on to lookdev for the ice.

Glacier Lookdev 01

Wow that already looks great! No reflection maps or roughness.

Glacier Lookdev 02 Glacier Lookdev 03

Creating the Coral

I really did not have a clue how to do this yet. But it was very very clear to me that it needed to have a lot of organic forms and ultimately turn into an asset. So I turned to 3ds max for modeling some easy coral, but for more insane details with ease I went to Medium VR Sculpting.

It actually worked out perfect. 8/10 similarity with the reference.


First tried it in Zbrush, but that would've taken me too much time and effort.

But check out how close I got with the Medium tool to the reference.

3ds Max Scene Coral Ref Sea Coral

Polar Bear Animation

Finally I am proud to say I have animated a scene for the story of the polar bear in the waiting room.

Maya Animation Bear

To Be Continued...

I would really recommend .