Marvelous Designer

I have always wondered what it would be like to create clothing in Marvelous Designer. Not sure when I will be able to use it creatively on projects and characters. But a new clothes making journey starts here. An introduction to Marvelous Designer. I can't wait to see this in action.

Banner Simulation

What better way to start a cloth sim journey than to animate a Medi-evil Banner from the knights period.

Medi-evil Banner

Animated Banner

Pillow Simulation

This is amazing, no complicated settings at all. Almost drag and drop like. Ofcourse you can enter certain values in the settings for gravity and also the way the fabric behaves. But still very awesome!

Animated Heart Pillow

Clothing Creation

Alright, I already noticed that good clothing starts with a good model. The rest are just the neccesary tweaks inside Marvelous Designer to make the cloth fit and behave accordingly.

Leggings Turtle Neck Skirt Blaiser

Collection Model in Progress

Time for Gnonom

This part I will keep brief, because it was a lot of repitition and in went deep into the physics of the engine. But basically it learned me how to make clothing wrap around certain shapes and sizes with stretch or not.


Aterwards I tried to make a blouse but ofcourse I should learn about how clothes are made in real life. It is a study by itself. After learning this I want to use it to create my own character with my own made outfits and modeled gear.

Rock Monster

My Space Astronauts Crew

Now that I had sufficient knowledge about Marvelous to try some of my own styles and techniques I began creating outfits for the crew which are metahumans.

Rock Monster Rock Monster Rock Monster

A little while later

So I guess I got some new techniques to create folds and cut outs using darts and also create my own cuts and think about how everything is sewed together. Nice!

Rock Monster

The result for now

The overall learning curve was great, not too difficult but there are a lot of options for artists. Nonetheless, I am going to park this right now and move to other subjects.

Rock Monster

I would really like to do a bit of everything and my ultimate goal would be to have a full fledged character with own made riggs shaders and gear.

To Be Continued...