Forest-Pack Pro

Distribution of Trees

When I first started with Forest Pack Pro it was to have some flora in my scene to complement bring out the architecture of my renders.

This piece of software goes together with a range of different softwares. And since a couple of years you could even export from 3ds Max to Unreal Engine with the DataSmith plugin to achieve the best result with realistic lighting and real-time rendering.

Distribution Pyramids Distribution Trees

Distribution Map Trees GAEA

In an earlier blog post I talked about GAEA, a software to procedurally generate landscapes by combining precedural maps.

So what maps you get from GAEA you can import the distribution maps for the trees and use them with Forest Pack.

Distribution Map Pyramids Distribution Map Trees

It is up to you what kind of tree's you want to put in with Forest Pack Pro.

For instance you can import your own assets or download or buy from other platforms. As long as you just make sure that the assets are turned into proxy files, since they are less heavy to load and that way you can place millions of trees if you'd like.

Example Assets

Here you have an example of what a small group of tree assets could look like.

Distribution Map Pyramids

But of course you can use your own assets of choice, it doesn't even have to look realistic, could be stylized as well and still enjoy Forest Pack Pro's Features.

To Be Continued...